Article: Oh boy, welcome to that golden "a picture tells a thousand words" nugget. Brian Beilmann is a photog we're quite fond of, and he also happens to have shot all the greats over the decades. Here he presents his The Story Behind The Photo series. The inaugural episode features Bruce, Lyndie and Brian talking story about the shot that later became the poster for the 2012 Billabong Pipe Masters in loving memory of Andy Irons. Come on in; it's all feels and no dramas.

Film Length: 4:07 minutes

Genre: Short Documentary/Sports Documentary

Release Date: 2016

Director: Brent Storm

Concept: Brian Bielmann

Cast: Brian Bielmann, Bruce Irons, Lindie Irons

Cinematographer: Brent Storm, Julie Romaniuk

Audio: Brent Storm

Motion Design Brent Storm

Editor: Brent Storm

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